HYECHO 7.2V Handheld Grass Clipper
【Blade protection】To prevent the blade from rusting, the blade surface is coated with anti-rust lubricant,which is a normal phenomenon. you'd better wear gloves when installing the blade so as to avoid injury. 【2-in-1 Grass Shear】Both grass shear and hedge trimmer...
$39.99 from $35.99
HYECHO Cordless Chainsaw EU/US (36V/40V)
🛠️【High Power Brushless Motor】🛠️HYPERECHO chainsaw adopts outer rotor brushless motor with higher torque and stability, and has less vibration and heat than an inner rotor brushless motor, which reduces wear and makes the work more comfortable, extending the life of...
$199.99 from $169.99
HYECHO Cordless Leaf Blower EU/US (18V/20V)
HYPERECHO TOOLS: 🍂[POWERFUL MOTOR] 20V Max Cordless leaf blower, the powerful motor provides an air volume of 54.7CFM, and the maximum wind speed reaches 138.6MPH, which ensures strong wind and can blow up heavier debris;The use of permanent magnet motor...
$79.99 $69.99
HYECHO Cordless Hedge Trimmer EU/US (18V/20V)
➤HYPERECHO hedge trimmer adopt ergonomic rubber handle, non-slip and shock absorption, best partner for your home. ➤Extremely efficient to trim with 18-inch blade length speed at 2000 strokes per minute, cutting capacity at 3/4 inch. Easy to wield with compact...
from $60.99
HYECHO Cordless Hedge Trimme EU/US (36V/40V)
🍃【High efficiency】With high efficiency double blades design, compared with single-edged blade, this cordless hedge trimmer can effectively reduce 40% of vibration and higher efficiency. The rear handle can be rotated: clockwise 0˚/45˚/90˚, counterclockwise 0˚/45˚/90˚ two directions of rotation, easily cope...
$125.99 from $99.99
HYECHO Cordless Leaf Blower EU/US (36V/40V)
HYPERECHO TOOLS: 🍁【High-power Motor】40V Max cordless leaf blower, the powerful motor provides a maximum air volume of 453CFM and a maximum wind speed of 131MPH, which can ensure that heavier debris is blown out; the permanent magnet motor is used...
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